Releasator Installation

1. From executable jar

This is a console-based installer; it takes no arguments, asks no questions and just installs the software:

  1. download setup jar from
  2. run it with
    java -jar releasator-setup-1.0.1.jar
  3. proceed to "Post-installation instructions"

SNAPSHOT version - development preview

is for people who cannot wait for the next release and are willing to risk less tested version.

From the above link, use the one containing "-SNAPSHOT" in it.

Post-installation instructions

Linux post-installation instructions

Please add the following line to an effective place in your ~/.profile or .bashrc script:

source $HOME/.buildbox/etc/releasator/releasator.rc

This defines shell aliases and bash completions for easy invocation.

Windows systems post-installation instructions:

Please make sure that %USERPROFILE%\.buildbox\bin is in your PATH environment variable.

  • select "My Computer"
  • right-click menu "Properties"
  • tab "Advanced"
  • button "Environment Variables"
  • section "User variables for ..."
  • select variable "PATH"
  • click "Edit"
  • add "%USERPROFILE%\.buildbox\bin;" at the beginning of the variable value


After installation, proceed to the setup page.