Setup your release account


In the following text, I assume that all the files related to releasator will be stored in $HOME/releasator. If, for any reason, you wish to use any other one, please apply it respectively


  • create file $HOME/releasator/release-settings.xml
    • look here to see how it should look
  • prepare SVN for non-interactive operation
    • create a dedicated user id if possible (preferred name is "releasator")
    • do a test checkout so that the password is cached (stupid I know)
    • make sure that the user is allowed to lock, unlock and commit (creates tags and commits altered poms)
  • create a simple launcher script or alias - for example like this:
    alias releasator='$JAVA_HOME/bin/java -jar $HOME/releasator/releasator-1.0.0.jar --settings.xml $HOME/releasator/releasator-settings.xml --author myname@myemail.tld'

    Of course, if the account is being prepared for multiple people, you will not use the --author option and it will be specified in each release invocation

  • change your .profile or .bashrc script to make sure that:
    • your alias is defined (or your script is on path)
    • PATH contains the java and maven versions that you want to use for releasing (currently releasor does not select the right ones in runtime)
  • eliminate network shares from that machine

    this prevents a module directly depending on a locally mounted network files within its build

  • setup local firewall to only allow communication with your inhouse repository, for dependency download and result upload

    this prevents a module directly depending on a file directly obtained from network via http or other protocol